Leadership with a Vision

DSC07818It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce that I will be running for re-election this October 20th. My record shows that over the last ten years I have,
• Fought for housing for the homeless and seniors
• Protected our irreplaceable Farm Land
• Increased funding for Police and Fire Services
• Taken a strong Business approach to supporting our economy and avoiding debt
• Supported Infrastructure improvements while working with other levels of Government
• Promoted projects that improve the quality of life for all citizens of Chilliwack

I love my job as a City Councillor and will continue to commit the time and effort it takes to be a great team member at City Hall.

We are finally at the point where we will see amazing changes in our downtown. I can’t wait to see our dreams come to fruition.

Please honour me with your vote on October 20th.

If you are interested in joining my campaign please reach out to me. Please share.