Councillor Attrill has proven over the last 10 years that she is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for everyone in Chilliwack.
She has remained focused on:
  • A strong Business Climate and Economy
    • As the former CEO of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, Councillor Attrill values local business and strives to make sure City Hall is easy to do business with. She has worked hard on providing the amenities that will attract great employees to our community and supported the attraction of investments from Molson Coors, Berryhill Farms, and others.
    • She has held strong on utilizing a low business multiplier for taxation and a low tax rate to keep more money in the pockets of business owners and community members so they can support the local economy.
    • The development of Five Corners and our downtown has been a major issue that Councillor Attrill has fought for over the last ten years and it is finally happening!
  • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Councillor Attrill has been a champion of fiscal restraint and has most recently insisted that councillors should not be able to expense alcohol to the City and the taxpayers. This will be coming as part of our new expense bylaw.
    • She has supported “the save and then spend philosophy” for capital projects.  Chilliwack is one of the very few municipalities that does not have debt and therefore we are not wasting taxpayer dollars on debt servicing.
  • Social Issues, Addiction and Homelessness
    • We all know that these issues have become a crisis in Chilliwack and many other communities. Councillor Attrill has helped lobby other levels of government to come to the table with funding for additional services, shelter beds, harm reduction programs and affordable housing. She supported the development of the Chilliwack Health Contact Centre, re-zoning for a new youth treatment centre led by Pacific Community ResourcesSociety, and four other recent projects to provide programs and services for those struggling with homelessness and addictions. We are not going to be able to solve this problem on our own, but we can try to manage it in our community, partner with non-profit organizations, and advocate for additional provincial and federal resources.
    • Councillor Attrill has chaired and been a member of the Public Safety Advisory Committee and supported the hiring of 13 new RCMP officers this year and five information officers. She also supported hiring additional firefighters to protect our homes and families.
  • Agriculture
    • Councillor Attrill has chaired and vice-chaired the Agricultural Advisory and Rural Issues Committee. She has been a member of the Chilliwack Agricultural Commission and the Chilliwack and District Agricultural Society.
    • Councillor Attrill supports hillside development and densification to avoid the use of precious farmland for development.
    • Council recently adopted a new farm home plate bylaw to protect our farmland from being purchased for the large estate homes that you see in Richmond and other municipalities.
  • Arts and Culture
    • Councillor Attrill supports the Arts through her role on the Board of the Chilliwack Cultural Centre Society.
    • She also chairs the Public Art Advisory Committee which has overseen successful projects including the decorative frames and Piano at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, two sanctioned murals in downtown Chilliwack, flowers at the Evans Road roundabout and a partnership with Stó:lō Nation on Indigenous art at the Vedder Bridge.
  • Quality of Life
    • Councillor Attrill is the Executive Director of Chilliwack Hospice Society and appreciates how precious our time is on this earth. Creating a liveable, safe and beautiful city is a responsibility she takes very seriously. Providing opportunities for all citizens to enjoy their passions within their own community is a challenge that she enjoys.
    • She has voted for measures to support aging in place and advocated for the interests of seniors.
    • Councillor Attrill has supported vast expansion of public transportation including new bus routes, increased service times, and connections to other parts of the Fraser Valley.
    • She has supported the Neighbourhood Grant Program which encourages residents to hold block parties and other events, enable beautification projects, and offer youth an opportunity to pursue their ideas for community development.
    • Councillor Attrill fights for parks within your own neighborhoods and green space with every development. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our trails and bike routes have been a priority for all of Council and the envy of many other communities.

She is strong, experienced, and ready to continue to work for you to enhance quality of life for all residents in Chilliwack.